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New Homes in Burlingame, CA

Comprehensive Real Estate Services in Burlingame, CA

At KW Peninsula Estates Keller Williams Realty, we don't simply snap a few pictures of your home and place a generic listing online. We provide sellers and buyers with extensive information and statistics pulled from current listings, recent sales, and local market activity. Call our office to schedule a face-to-face consulting session for our real estate services in Burlingame, CA. Whether you’re searching for a new home or a fixer-upper, we are more than happy to help.

Price Trends—Sold Vs. Listed

It's important to understand the difference between listing prices (what sellers are asking for) and sold prices (what buyers are willing to pay). By comparing these price trends, you'll have a good idea of where the market is heading. The median listing and sold property prices are calculated based on the market activity each month. Some sales are not immediately available from public records. As they become available, the data is updated.

Market Inventory Trends

We keep track of small real estate investment in the area to ensure that we’re always responding effectively to the market. The number of active listings in Half Moon Bay (94019) dropped by 25% from the previous month. The median number of days active properties have been listed is 61. This is significantly shorter than the national average. The number of sales in May dropped by 85.7% from the previous month.


Property Ownership

The percent of unoccupied properties is very low in Half Moon Bay (94019). It is -9.89% below the national average.


Finding Your Perfect Match with Our Real Estate Services

Whether you’re interested in a traditional house or high-end, apartment-style living, we can help. Because we have a strong grasp on trends in local ownership, we know how--and when--to find you the right match for your needs. Our team works tirelessly to deliver exceptional real estate services that center your goals and personal preferences. 

Even in tough, tight markets, we can help you navigate the challenges involved in buying or selling while giving you the information necessary to control your future. We’re not just a real estate company. We’re your partner when it comes to an uncompromising commitment to the right deal.


Listings Without Limits 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, you won’t find unnecessary limitations when you turn to us. We handle almost every kind of residential property, including increasingly popular options like condos. This versatility makes us an ideal choice to expand your possibilities when you’re looking to buy and offer experienced support for when you need to sell. 

There’s only one requirement we do keep a stringent standard on: quality. We have a reputation for pairing our clients with valuable, reputable, and unique properties--one we intend to maintain. However, our team also believes in working with sellers to bring out the best in their buildings, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have a less-than-pristine case on your hands. From new homes to historic investments, we do it all. 


Contact us today of complete real estate solutions. We proudly serve Burlingame, CA, and the surrounding areas.